WITH a wrinkle injection in Berlin THE BEINT TO NEW GLANZ

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Wrinkles can be interesting, but are usually simply undesirable. The formation of wrinkles is unavoidable, as the elasticity of the skin decreases with age. Whether it’s frequent eyebrows or exuberant laughter, life also marks its mark on the face. Many mature women and men feel impaired in their facial expressions due to wrinkles of anger on the forehead or crow’s feet, and the view in the mirror becomes an increasing strain. In most cases, wrinkles convey a certain sadness or even hardness. This effect can be counteracted with a wrinkle injection (wrinkle treatment) with a muscle relaxant. With this, the smoothing of disturbing laughter or forehead wrinkles succeeds in a simple way: injections into the forehead or other regions of the face cause a slight relaxation of the muscles and wrinkles are treated quickly and painlessly.

We, the specialists of KU64, work with the latest and best preparations and treatment methods to awaken their face to shine again. Rely on our experience and the use of high-quality products for your wrinkle treatment. For many years, wrinkles have been successfully combated in our practice through the use of muscle relaxant. The aim of individual treatment is a long-term improvement of the skin structure of our patients. In our practice, we have been successfully carrying out the cosmetic wrinkle replenishment for many years with the help of high-quality medical articles.


Many women experience an improved self-perception after a wrinkle injection (wrinkle treatment, forehead or wrath, crow’s feet, folds of eyes, laughter wrinkles, etc.) with a muscle relaxant. Say goodbye to annoying wrinkles and strict facial features and create the right stage for your joie de vivre with a professional wrinkle treatment. Whether partner, friends or family – your safe appearance and more attractive appearance will also have a positive effect on your personal relationships. Experience a completely new self-esteem and meet private and professional challenges strengthened and with fresh energy!


We, the KU64 team, will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation on the various applications and to clarify the individual steps of the treatment as well as possible side effects. In a detailed consultation, we will answer your questions about the treatment and look together with you at those facial areas that you find problematic. In doing so, we will analyse and discuss in detail eye-catching features such as wrinkles and unevenness and the skin structure in the facial area. If you decide to use a professional wrinkle treatment at KU64, such as a facial smoothing or wrinkle injection, you will find competent contact persons and comprehensive advice.


The treatments take little time and usually last only 15 to 45 minutes. After the wrinkle treatment, make-up can be applied to the skin immediately. Only proven medical articles and medicines are used in the treatment rooms of the KU64 practice. Their cost structure is determined individually per treatment and is calculated from the type of treatment and the dose used. We at Team KU64 guarantee that you will not receive too little active ingredient or that you will have to do more than necessary for your wishes. We make every effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result of your treatment.

Our experts Dr. Dr. Thorsten Wegner, specialist in oral, maxillofacial and dermatological surgery and dermatology, and aesthetics specialist Dr. Matthias Leyh are well versed in the various possibilities and costs of treatment with muscle relaxant and will be happy to advise and treat you. Here you can also get an overview of prices/costs of a wrinkle injection.

Do you have any further questions or would you like more information about wrinkle treatment or wrinkle injection and our prices? You can make an appointment for an individual consultation in our Berlin practice by calling 030 – 864 73 20.