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Beautiful white, healthy teeth and a great smile are a dream that can become reality today due to the variety of dental treatment options, such as our veneers (also known as veneers, ceramic shells, tooth attachment shells or facets) made of ceramic. In the case of defects that are limited to the purchase area, all-ceramic inalys (inlay ceramics) are used.


For larger defects or missing teeth, all-ceramic partial crowns or crowns and bridges are used by your dentist.


With its many years of experience and regular intensive training, the KU64 team helps you to bright white teeth and a radiant smile.

digital smile design

Want a charming smile? You want to see the result in a video before your dental treatment and take a small cosmetic “test drive” or try out your smile first? No problem! We can now realize this wish of our patients. With Digital Smile Design (DSD) we offer our patients a modern method of dental visualization – you will be thrilled!

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Do you know a Hollywood star whose teeth are not beautiful, straight and bright white? We don’t either! Beautiful white teeth look healthy and make sexy. They are also immeasurably important for professional and private success. Yellow teeth, on the other hand, are associated with lack of care and smoking.

In our dental practice we offer the entire range of services of modern holistic, aesthetic dentistry (services such as dental aesthetics or dental beautification, dental cosmetics, overall refurbishment, denture rehabilitation, amalgam remediation). This includes small fillings in the desired tooth color, laboratory-made ceramic veneers up to fully ceramic overall refurbishment of the defective denture.


In the anterior tooth area, ceramic veneer shells – so-called VENEERS (ceramic shells) are used for individual teeth today. A veneer is as wafer-thin as a contact lens and very robust! If possible, we also work with hand-layered NON-PREP-VENEERS. In doing so, they optimally preserve the existing tooth substance. You will find their use at:

  • Tooth embellishment by means of tooth extension
  • Small position corrections of skewed teeth
  • Balancing different tooth sizes , for example in cone teeth
  • Closing small gaps in the tooth
  • Solution or alternative in case of gum loss
  • Discolored teeth, for example in congenital or acquired melt defects or discoloration by medication and much more.

Smaller defects are therefore supplied minimally invasively with the smallest plastic fillings or veneers by your dentist. In doing so, we always take care to spare the existing tooth substance in the best possible way. If the defects are larger or if it is about aesthetic corrections, there are fully ceramic possibilities:

  • Plastic fillings
  • Ceramic veneer shells – VENEERS
  • Ceramic inlays and fully ceramic dentures (partial crowns/crowns) by the specialists for dental aesthetics/tooth beautification at KU64


In the case of major defects or chewing surface reconstructions in the posterior area, fully ceramic inlays (insert fillings) are used by your dentist.

This type of denture is manufactured in our SMILE DESIGN laboratory from high-quality press ceramics of the highest quality and individually layered and painted according to your tooth colour and tooth shape. Your KU64 dentist is in close contact with your dental technician for the best possible result!

Advantages of a press ceramic are in:

  • a high biocompatibility of the material, so they are also ideally suited for patients with allergies or intolerances
  • a long shelf life
  • a color of choice without discoloration
  • a chameleon effect that ensures that the ceramics adapt perfectly to their existing tooth color.

For patients who are in a particularly hurry or who may only be in Berlin for one day, the KU64 practice offers you the so-called CEREC – procedure for the production of ceramic veneers, inlays or partial crowns.

The ground tooth is 3-d digitally scanned and the data is transmitted to the grinding unit, which then works the inlay out of a ceramic block with the highest precision.


    If you are interested in getting white teeth, our bleaching specialists are also available. In the so-called In Office Bleaching, the teeth are brightened on site. Even dead grey-colored teeth can be visually adapted to the neighboring teeth. This is particularly recommended before a supply of ceramics. The so-called home bleaching can be used supportively at home. It should be noted that white teeth and a radiant smile are also decisively influenced by your diet and proper dental care. In addition to the tooth whitening kit for home, you will also receive valuable tips that go far beyond choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your newly gained white teeth white for as long as possible.

    More information about teeth whitening (bleaching) in our practice can be found here!

    Our bleaching experts will be happy to advise you on site!


      Want a charming smile? Do you want a holistic dental beautification through high-quality dentures? And you want to see in advance in a video what the result might look like and do a “test drive”? No problem! With Digital Smile Design we offer our patients a modern method of dental visualization – you will be thrilled!

      Together with your dentist, you design your new smile on the computer. All KU64 specialists plan your dental cosmetic treatment together and find the optimal solution for you.

      Find out more about the innovative treatment method Digital Smile Design!

      Come and see

      We cordially invite you to join us in practice for a free and non-binding consultation with our orthodontists, where you can of course also tell us the future colour of your teeth. Our gentle and very effective teeth whitening concept will convince you! We would be happy to advise you personally or to your child (teens and kids are equally welcome) about our services and the possibilities in our practice, how you can bleach your teeth.

      Our team of dentists will be happy to answer any questions and further information about treatments such as dental aesthetics, bleaching and implantology as well as the costs of the respective treatments! Our dentists are also happy to inform you about the entire spectrum of modern aesthetic dentistry (dental aesthetics, overall refurbishment, denture refurbishment, amalgam remediation).

      Chewed or worn teeth, gaps in teeth, tooth misalignment or teeth that were too short? For everything there is a holistic solution from the dentists of KU64!

      Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us! Make an appointment by phone on 030-8647320, make an appointment online here quickly and easily or simply ask by e-mail at info@ku64.de – we will be happy to contact you!

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