While 2008 may have been a less-than-banner year for many businesses, health-care design still provided a good source of revenue, what with technology advancing, boomers aging, and facilities getting overcrowded. Witness the numbers we gathered from the top Interior Design Giants for 2009. Of those 100 firms, 49 did work in the health-care sector last year. While only the third-largest category for these firms, behind office and hospitality, health care managed to account for their highest hourly billing rates. What’s more, these Giants reported a $68 million increase in health-care fees from 2007.

Also on the upswing is environmental consciousness, with roughly 60 percent of the Giants stating that health-care clients are receptive to green design. The 5,500-odd designers at these firms are more than ready to meet the challenge, as 85 percent are LEED-accredited. The following pages share some of the innovative work that our Giants and other major firms are doing in health care worldwide. Let the healing – and the greening – begin.


Project KU64 Die Zahnspezialisten, Berlin.

Standout To help ease patient anxiety at this dental clinic, the architects evoked sand dunes with undulating walls, floors, and ceilings tinted orange and silk-screened with beach scenes.

Quelle: www.interiordesign.net/Februar 2009