Anyone entering the KU64 dental clinic in the centre of Berlin in the expectation of finding the usual clinical and sterile dentist’s waiting room, could be forgiven for thinking they had wandered by mistake into a fashionable club. The dentist Dr. Ziegler, commissioned GRAFT architects to create a room that would immediately put visitors at their ease. They designed an interior inspired by the topography of a dune landscape: undulating floors and ceilings generate ‚hills‘ and ‚valleys‘ which in turn create contrasts between screened-off, sheltered areas versus high visibility open spaces. The idea is to make visitors feel they are in a bar, restaurant or wellness centre so that they gradually forget any anxiety they may have felt and begin to relax.

In the lounge-like waiting room, soft couches are ranged aroound a suspended open hearth. Areas of the orange-coloured walls and ceilings are painted with anamorphic images that can only be deciphered from certain viewpoints so that one’s experience of the space changes as one moves around the interior.

Quelle: A10, # 25, Jan/Feb 2009