Afraid of the Dentist? Forget about your anxiety in Berlin

FEAR NO MORE OF THE DENTIST – you are now at KU64!

We specialists at KU46 do not give your fear or the fear of your children a chance!

Thanks to our exceptional feel-good atmosphere, our service team, which welcomes you, a specialized experienced team of doctors, assistants and prophylaxis, we want to make you and your children enjoy your stay in our practice – in a separate play waiting area.

“Modern dentistry is much more pleasant and far less frightening than in recent decades,” says Dr. Stephan Ziegler from the dental practice KU64.

What to do about fear?

The secret: a mixture of different applications, well-trained personnel and innovative ideas. It all starts with the decor in warm yellow-orange of the practice or the scent columns, which provide a pleasant atmosphere. In case of mild cases, a glass of sparkling wine at the KU64 reception helps before treatment. Cordial staff who take care of the patient, for example taking his hand during treatment in combination with particularly short waiting times in practice, also reduce anxiety. The over head monitors are very well received by patients. Here patients have the opportunity to watch a film during the treatment – so they forget the syringe completely! According to the motto “Out of sight, out of mind”. But otherwise, instruments and syringes simply do not belong in the patient’s field of vision, as they only cause fears!

The practice concept of KU64 includes pre-stunning before the syringe – this is particularly well received by patients. The special gel, which is available in six different flavors (from pina colada to mint), is applied to the gums and gently massaged in. The actual puncture is hardly noticed any more!

“We have abolished what makes patients fear fulky panic during treatment,” says Dr. Stephan Ziegler, dentist and owner of the Berlin dental practice KU64. The practical ambience at Kurfürstendamm is geared to the latest psychological findings. According to this, the color orange should provide a pleasant mood and actively counteract stress. Compared to white walls, orange looks much warmer. Ziegler’s practice, with its sunny and sandy colours, is therefore like a dune landscape in which beach feeling arises.

KU64 also offers treatment under general anaesthetic to patients whose fear is so great that they have already postponed much-needed treatment. Only modern and effective narcotics prevent pain. When treated now, the pain sensations are paralyzed.

Anxiety-free child treatment

Your offspring are also taken care of. Since 2010 we have had a separate children’s reception area on the 4th floor through the entrance Kurfürstendamm 64, which leaves nothing to be desired. Playfully, time passes faster than many little ones like.

Our 4 pediatric dentists and 3 child prophylaxis assistants take a lot of time for the children, speak in their language and thus playfully take away the fear.

Should the treatment become more extensive, there is still the possibility of treatment under nitrous oxide, a twilight sleep or general anesthesia.

Do you have any further questions? Then please contact our dental specialists or our service team from KU64 for an individual consultation.