Your first visit to KU64 – Dentist Examination in Berlin Charlottenburg

Professional advice on your dental health

Are you new to Berlin and looking for a dentist? Would you like to change your previous practice or take advantage of a special service? At KU64 in Berlin you will find all dental services under one roof. This way, the specialist is always at your side who can best solve your request.

Make check-up appointment now

Whether precautionary or in case of acute complaints – in an initial examination, we advise you on all questions of your dental health.

Our opening hours – as flexible as your everyday life

Relaxed to the dentist in your spare time? No problem. We have adapted our opening hours to the needs of our patients. This means: We are there for you from Monday to Friday until 8 p.m. Our practice in Berlin is also open for you on weekends.

Appointments without long waiting times

You are also the focus of attention in a large dental practice like ours. You can book the appointment for your initial examination with us easily and quickly – online or by phone. Waiting times are usually not incurred or only very short. Our reception area is decorated with sunny colours. Relax loungers and a fireplace create a feel-good atmosphere in which you can sit back and relax from the very beginning.

You should have these documents at your disposal on your first visit

We want everything to go smoothly on your first appointment. In order to provide you with comprehensive advice, we need some documents when registering. Please bring the following documents for your initial examination:

Your insured card

With your health or health insurance card, you prove your affiliation to a statutory health insurance. All your personal data is stored on the chip. If you are privately insured, please bring your identity card.

Registration and question form on risk assessment

Before your first dental examination, we kindly ask you to fill in a registration form. With the registration or medical form we collect your contact details as well as information about your general health status. These include diseases, allergies and the intake of certain medicines that can affect dental treatment. Based on this information, risk factors can be identified at an early stage and complications can be prevented. You will receive the registration form from our dental assistants on your first visit to the reception area.

Bonus booklet

Your bonus help gives us an overview of your previous dental check-ups. With your initial examination, you will receive another stamp in your bonus booklet. In order to complete the bonus booklet, you must attend a precautionary appointment at least once a year, children even twice a year. If you have not missed a retirement date within five to ten years, you will receive a bonus grant for dental prostheses from your health insurance company. We take this information into account in your individual cost and therapy plan.

Investigation documents

Have you been taken x-ray or 3D images, so-called DVT images, of your teeth in recent years? Ask your dentist to provide them with you if necessary. Our dentists can take these images into account when assessing your dental health and thus do without additional X-rays. Please also bring your X-ray passport to check-up if you have one.

Healing and cost plans

Another dentist has already drawn up a health and cost plan (ICP) for your treatment? We recommend that you bring it with you for your first dental examination. It contains information on dental status, care, planned therapy and expected costs and can be used by our dentists as a guide for further contracts.

Drug pass and heart pass

Please let us know if you are currently or regularly taking medication. A look at your medication passport or the package leaflet of your medication scares us to predict unwanted interactions.

Implant passport

Do you already have dentures, prostheses or other implants such as a pacemaker? Please inform us about this and bring your heart passport, if available, to our practice for initial examination.

Allergy Pass

Are you allergic and have received an allergy passport from your doctor? An intact immune system is an important factor, especially in the case of dentures. On the basis of the allergy passport, we can exclude or take into account possible contact allergies to dental prostheses in our treatments.


If you have received a referral from your dentist to one of our specialists, please bring it with you for the initial examination. Your treating dentist will be informed of the diagnosis of our examinations afterwards.


If you do not have time to brush your teeth in advance, you can simply do so before your visit to the dentist in our practice. Toothbrushes and cream are available. However, if you are using a special toothpaste, remember to bring it. Please also allow a few minutes extra time for brushing your teeth in our practice.

How does the initial examination work?

On your first visit to our dental practice, there is generally no specific treatment unless you have any complaints. During the first examination, our dentists first take a look at the health status of your teeth. In doing so, they examine:

  • Your teeth on plaque, tartar and tooth decay as well as on fractures, damaged fillings and lack of vitality
  • Your gums for signs of periodontitis
  • the condition of your dentures
  • the position of individual teeth and your tongue
  • Your jaw joint and the barelyuscule on disharmonies and misalignments
  • your oral mucosa, lips and lymph nodes as well as
  • Throat, face, head and neck on swelling, redness and tissue changes as possible signs of cancer

In some cases, we take photographic photographs to document the health status of your teeth and your teeth. Additional X-rays may also be required to better detect cavities and holes between your teeth.

Individual advice on all services of dentistry

Should further appointments be necessary in the future due to the initial examination, we will inform you in a personal consultation about your treatment options. You have the opportunity to ask your questions at any time. In consultation with our colleagues in the fields of implantology, periodontology, oral surgery, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, we finally draw up a treatment plan that includes all further steps. In this way, we can always tell you exactly what we have achieved so far and how long the treatment will take.

Full service under one roof

Short distances and high quality are thus guaranteed: We manufacture your dentures in our in-house high-tech dental laboratory. We use all common materials such as CEREC, titanium, gold, plastic or ceramics. On request, our dental technicians can get to your treatment chair to give you your radiant smile back permanently.

Precaution for a lifelong smile

Even without subsequent treatment, we recommend that our patients arrange regular check-up appointments with their dentist after your initial examination. This enables us to detect and treat common diseases at an early stage before they get worse. Inadequate nutrition, eating disorders, poor oral hygiene, stress or incorrect alignment of the jaw can also affect your health in the long term. In your first examination, we will give you concrete information and tips for healthy teeth and inform you about the topics of prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning. All of these are ways to prevent not only complex procedures, but also to reduce your treatment costs in the long term.

Anxiety patients are in safe hands with us

The very thought of the dentist makes many people anxious and anxious. That’s why we take our time especially for our anxiety patients. We are pleased that you have found the courage to contact our practice. Patients with dental anxiety get an appointment at KU64 at very short notice and do not have to wait long. The first appointment is for getting to know each other exclusively. We will be happy to answer your questions in detail with full attention.

We also take you by the hand during the treatments. Unpleasant odours and noises can cause the stress level to rise rapidly even before treatment. We know that. We counteract this with special relaxation techniques, autogenous training or acupuncture. To hide disturbing noises of the dental instruments, we offer you music or radio plays. For longer treatments, you can watch a movie with video glasses. We divide the treatment itself into small steps. This provides sufficient pauses in which we can explain the next step.

We promise you: Pain during a visit to the dentist is a thing of the past at KU64 Berlin. In our practice, we have many years of experience with sedatives or soothing agents. On request, we can also carry out your treatment under general anaesthetic.

How much does an initial examination at KU64 Berlin cost?

In the case of patients insured by law, the health insurance company reimburses the costs for the initial examination. Private patients are themselves charged for the check-up.

How long are the waiting times at KU64 Berlin?

If you have arranged an appointment for an initial examination in our dental practice, there are hardly any waiting times for you. In case of acute pain on the tooth, you can visit our practice without an appointment. In this case, please contact us in advance. This allows us to better plan your pain treatment and reduce your waiting time.

How long does the initial examination at KU64 Berlin take?

The initial examination usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on the request.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

Do you have any further dental questions about your initial examination and our services? Please contact us and call us or send us an e-mail. Our team of dentists and specialists can reach you seven days a week.