Snorer rail

Measure against the dangerous respiratory arrest during sleeping

If you regularly snore and may suffer from occasional apnea or sporadic respiratory arrest during your night’s sleep, you may be able to use a snoring protection rail made by the dentist or also called a snoring rail.

Sleep apnea – what is it?

Sleep apnea, also known as sleep apnea syndrome, is a respiratory undersupply of oxygen to the human body. This usually leads to a recurrent wake-up reaction as an alarm signal for the lack of oxygen. However, the patient does not necessarily perceive this awakening directly, as the reaction does not lead to awakening. Rather, the body is put into a kind of “working mode” by an increased pulse. This process leads to a significant loss of sleep quality. As a result, the person affected by sleep apnea is very tired and exhausted in the morning or throughout the day.

A custom-made snoring rail is suitable for sleep apnea, the almost automatically connected snoring as well as other health consequences. This helps you to enjoy sleep and the night again.

How does a snoring rail work?

The dental rail is made of transparent plastic and individually designed for the individual patient. It consists of two parts, one adapted to the upper jaw and the second to the lower jaw. The two parts are connected by means of two side-mounted trains in such a way that the lower jaw is forced to be relatively far in front.

The snoring rail therefore provides a considerable extension of the throat space. The inhaled air can no longer flow in so quickly and the noise-causing fluttering of the throat soft tissues, which is usually perceived as snoring, is eliminated. Jaw movements are still possible even with the rail inserted, which is perceived as very pleasant by most carriers. However, the snoring protection rail prevents the lowering and retraction of the lower jaw.

Clinical studies have shown that this relatively simple aid, snoring, significantly reduces snoring in about 80 percent of all patients. The risk of apnea even decreases by a remarkable 50 percent.

Take advantage of our in-house dental laboratory!

We, the dental specialists of KU64, naturally want you to feel as little affected as possible by the snoring rail during your sleep. That is why we attach great importance to the most petite design and fit fit possible. In addition to many years of experience, we offer our patients state-of-the-art examination procedures and techniques, such as the absolutely painless digital 3D X-ray. A slight tension in the mouth, which may be felt after wearing the snoring protection rail, disappears quickly. Compared to the dangerous consequences of a respiratory arrest, this is in any case only a very small impairment of well-being.

If you have any questions or have any information about sleep apnea, squirrels and the snoring rail, please contact us. For example, you can send us an e-mail or call us directly at our practice at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin: 030 – 864 73 20.