Wisdom Tooth Removal – Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Berlin

The gentle wisdom tooth removal by our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common surgeries in dentistry. The so-called “eights” are removed in almost one in two Germans before the age of 30. The most common reason: The space in the jaw is not sufficient for the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth then remain trapped in the jawbone. The dentist or oral surgeon speaks of the “retention of the wisdom tooth”.

Wisdom teeth often cause discomfort in the mouth and jaw

A wisdom tooth can lead to inflammation, abscesses or cysts. However, thanks to the use of antibiotics, these serious complications are extremely rare. The main cause of this inflammation is the formation of a hooded gum pocket, which is accessible to the germs of the oral cavity, but can hardly be cleaned or cannot be cleaned at all. Acute tooth inflammation is usually associated with swelling, difficulty swallowing and severe pain. This inflammation is the most common reason for removal.

But there doesn’t have to be inflammation around the tooth. Modern surgery already offers a kind of early detection. Your dentist can already determine whether preventive removal of the wisdom teeth makes sense by means of an examination and an overview X-ray image showing the location of the wisdom teeth and the adjacent anatomical structures. If there are recurrent inflammations directly on the wisdom tooth or in its surroundings, then the tooth should be removed from the mouth. Other reasons for the removal of the aeofraus are tooth decay or even root inflammation, cysts or other pathological changes or dissolution symptoms on the neighboring tooth.

Surgery without general anaesthetic

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic. In the case of particularly anxious patients, the operation can be performed under general anaesthetic – but this has to be paid for privately by patients of the statutory health insurance funds. In the first days after tooth removal, there is usually swelling of the cheek, difficulty swallowing and pain in the area of the surgical area. However, these complaints should disappear after three to five days.

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