All-on-4 – COMFOUR



Do you want fixed dentures supported by four robust implants and that quickly? Then an immediate supply is possible for you and is called COMFOUR or All-on-Four (all on 4 quasi)! So you immediately gain new firm teeth in one day!

The loss of teeth, especially complete toothlessness, is linked to the loss of quality of life. The classic supply by dental prostheses can only partially compensate a toothless upper jaw and/or lower jaw. People are insecure, shy of the public and self-esteem suffers greatly.

To ensure that this condition does not remain a fate and determines the lives of our patients, we offer the possibility to provide our patients with firm teeth within 24 hours, both in the event of imminent or pre-existing toothlessness with appropriate indications. Nothing stands in the way of the new, firm, third teeth!

Four implants are inserted into the respective jaw to ensure sufficient stability for the dentures. Immediately after the implantation, the jaw is moulded and her dentures are manufactured in our in-house master laboratory within 24 hours, so that your dentures can be inserted firmly on the following day. In a very short time, you have regained the feeling that you have your own teeth again.

Why you should choose an implant-supported solution:
The decision to replace your missing teeth with an implant-worn fixed prosthesis is an investment in your appearance and oral health. In addition: implants take over the function of natural tooth roots, the chewing force is transferred to the jawbone.

Other benefits:

  • Restoration of chewing function
  • Preservation of the original face shape (teeth have a big impact on your face)
  • Improving your smile
  • Strengthening your self-confidence

If you want to replace your prosthesis with a fixed solution,
the following steps are necessary:

STEP 1: Investigation and planning

Your expectations and health conditions will be clarified. They are the basis for your personal treatment plan.

STEP 2: Printing and final supply

The four implants are placed and a impression is made. Depending on your individual needs, your dentist decides whether you will receive a temporary implant-anchored care immediately.

STEP 3: Printing and final supply

After printing, the final dentures are produced. After the complete healing of your implants, the final care can be used.

Are you interested in high-quality fixed dentures?
Our oral surgeons and implantology experts provide you with all the information about our implantology (also according to the Malo principle) and our high-quality dental implants. They will also be happy to discuss your questions with you about this type of dental treatment/complete care. Your implantology advice is of course free of charge.

Call us directly on 030 – 864 73 20 in our practice at Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm or send us an e-mail to info@ku64.de – we will get back to you!