Endodontics for transferees


for our specialty Endodontology & Dental Traumatology, we are among others active as a signpost practice. You are welcome to contact us in any questions regarding this area via endodontieku64.de and refer your patients to us for a purely endodontic treatment – here you will find our Transfer form. We provide your patients with a high chance of success.

What is the advantage of being a referrer?

It is a question of cooperation for mutual benefit. They offer your patient an extended spectrum of dental preservation, can significantly increase the success rate of difficult endodontological treatments and produce your planned dentures on teeth with an excellent endodontic prognosis. We guarantee fast and timely treatment.

What does a collaboration with our endodontologists look like?

  • Consultation: treatment process, treatment alternatives, success forecast and costs are explained
  • Therapy
  • Receiving a treatment report with X-rays and clinical photos

Before starting treatment, we arrange a consultation with all patients in which the course of treatment, treatment alternatives, the prognosis of success and the costs are explained. After completion of endodontic therapy, they receive a detailed treatment report with X-rays and clinical photos. The treatment documentation can be sent either by post or encrypted by electronic means. Your transferred patient will be referred back immediately after completion of the desired action and no treatment will be carried out outside the transfer order. This is not a loose promise, but our primary premise in dealing with transferring colleagues. Fair, transparent and collegial.

What treatment measures are being taken?

We offer your patients endodontic treatment at the highest level. This includes:

  • Pain diagnostics
  • Primary treatments
  • Revisions
  • Removal of pins and fractured instruments
  • Repair of defects of the tooth root (perforations / absorptions)
  • apical surgery
  • Treatment of dental trauma in children and adults
  • Treatment of late complications after frontal tooth trauma

Detailed information about our endodontic treatment can be found here and our transfer form here! For your patient we have summarized all important information about the topic of endodontics at KU64 – you can send him this link as advance information.

Can I provide treatment information to the endodontologists before treatment?
You are very happy to send us X-ray images encrypted by e-mail to endodontieku64.de

Is there a way to be part of the treatment of my patients?
Naturally. It is possible to follow your patient’s treatment via a monitor in the treatment room. You are welcome.

Did they ask about these issues? Then they call us 030-8647320 or contact us at endodontieku64.de or arrange a consultation appointment for your patient with one of our endodontologists online here!

  • Here you can find our transfer form for endodontic treatment at KU64
  • Here we have compiled useful information for your patient

Yours sincerely

Yours Dr. Sabine Gousetis & Maria Barchmann