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Bad breath – often concealed and yet known to almost everyone

Some people have it all the time, in others it only occasionally appears: the bad breath, technically correct called halitosis. However, it is the same in all cases that bad breath is not desired and is counteracted as quickly and as well as possible. Its cause is manifold, but is often due to food, dental care or, more generally, the oral cavity. An extremely effective remedy against bad breath is professional tooth cleaning. It helps both detect and fight bad breath.

The causes of Halitosis and bad breath

Every one of us knows an unpleasant taste in the mouth or bad breath after the consumption of onions, alcohol, garlic or other foods and cigarettes. However, even certain bacteria and chemical compounds such as the volatile sulphur compounds, called Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSC), can cause an unpleasant sometimes rotten smell if too many of them are present in the oral cavity. Thus, 90 of the bad breath have their cause in the oral cavity.

Causes of bad breath and bad breath are usually a lack of oral hygiene, which leads to an increased appearance of these bacteria and sulfur compounds. Often these are coined with reddened bleeding and swollen gums, so-called gingivitis or even periodontitis. The bacteria like to accumulate in the gaps between the teeth, but also the tongue with its furrows offers an optimal settlement location. Flossing and regular cleaning by means of a special tongue cleaner are simple aids here and help effectively prevent bad breath.

Bad breath does not necessarily come from the stomach or intestines

Defective fillings, tooth decay or poorly fitting dentures can also cause bad breath. Many patients suspect stomach or intestinal diseases behind the bad breath and hope for help through gastroscopy. However, many do not suspect that the causes and their solution are much more obvious.

Mouth hygenes against bad breath

Our dental hygienists and specialized prophylaxis assistants are dedicated to teeth, tooth spaces, gums and tongue in a so-called professional dental cleaning. They thus combat the most common causes of bad breath. With the help of magnifying glasses nothing remains undetected and so we can give you individual tips for home oral hygiene and give you on the way, which helps you against the unpleasant smell from the mouth. We would like to support you in the best possible way, so that a fresh breath is not just a short pleasure. We are happy to put together certain products that will support you in this process. And so that you don’t have to run through the whole city, you can buy all the products in our KU64 SMILE & swiss smile Lounge.

Bad breath in children?

Children also suffer from bad breath. As with most adults, the causes are usually in the oral cavity, e.g. in too rare and too surface-surfaced brushing of teeth. In general, however, polyps can also be the cause of the bad breath. Here the nasal breathing is restricted, the children breathe through the mouth, sometimes they snore. Medical examination by an ENT doctor is strongly recommended here.

Halitosis consultation with the dental specialists of KU64

An accurate analysis of the individual causes of bad breath and a detailed therapy plan can only be prepared in cooperation with the halitosis specialists (dental hygienist Michaela Kunkel and prophylaxis assistant Nicole Dickhoff) and the dentists.


As a rule, one or two sessions at intervals of about one week are enough to get a sustainable grip on the problem of bad breath.

Prerequisites for the Halitosis consultation:

• 3 weeks before appointment no antibiotics
• 48
hrs before appointment no onions, garlic, alcohol and coffee
• no mint products, mouthwashes, non-smoking, cosmetics and
on the day of treatment • 4 hrs before appointment do not perform oral hygiene, do not eat anything and drink a maximum of some water

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HALITOSIS-Questionnaire as DOWNLOAD:
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