After the end of active treatment, the time of stabilization of the achieved tooth movement begins.

Taking this fact into account and drawing the necessary conclusions is the imperative of any long-term success-oriented orthodontic effort. That is why we believe it is urgently necessary to encourage our patients to ensure that the treatment outcome is stabilised in the long term.

The removable retention devices must be worn every night and sometimes during the day. With the often used glued retainer wire in the anterior tooth region, an additional stabilization is achieved, which is independent of the patient’s cooperation. The wire is conveniently glued from the inside and is invisible from the outside. Only when the bonding is loosened will a visit in practice be necessary for reattachment.

According to the current state of knowledge, a significant part of the good aesthetics and the correct form of the tooth position is lost in a large number of orthodontic cases without stabilizing measures.

This unfavorable movement of the teeth occurs not only after orthodontic treatments, but also in untreated cases with a harmonious denture state.

Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves how long this measure is acceptable. However, those who do not want to jeopardise the result of years of efforts must not be shut down in the measures.

As long as devices are worn, we should, unless otherwise agreed, see each other at least once a year to assess the course of late retention and possibly to be able to repair devices.

Dr. Isabella Piekos, specialist dentist for orthodontics will be happy to advise you!