Anesthesia and anesthesia during dental surgery

With the specialists of KU64 you and our small patients have the opportunity to “sleep” the treatment in our practice. Fear of dental intervention, lengthy dental restorations or surgeries are a good reason for treatment under anesthesia/anesthesia.
Some anesthesia methods are used by our dentists, others by trained anaesthetists. An external competent team of anesthesiologists, with whom we have been working very closely together for years, ensure that our patients are optimally cared for before, during and after treatment. Our reception takes care of the scheduling for you.

Types of anesthesia in KU64:

  1. Pre-stunning: with a gel that tastes like fruit and then makes the needle stick appear harmless.
  2. Local anesthesia: This allows us to achieve complete pain-free in more than 95 cases.
  3. Laughing gas: A nice solution for kids but also for older, anxious patients. The advantages of nitrous oxide treatment are that an existing strangler irritation is greatly reduced or completely eliminated and the sensation of pain is significantly reduced.
  4. Twilight sleep: During the so-called twilight sleep, a special “feel-good cocktail” – usually dormicum and propofanol – is administered intravenously. Advantage: With this type of anesthesia, there is a lower load than with a general anaesthetic and you as a patient remain responsive without being able to remember the treatment completely afterwards.
  5. General anaesthesia: ITN (intubation – anaesthesia) is usually used in operations or in children’s treatment. Whether for several hours or just a small procedure – our anaesthetists combine many years of experience with state-of-the-art medical technology.

By the way:
If desired, we can even administer an antidote at the end of the treatment, which makes the deaf feeling evaporate faster!

Advice on anesthesia and anesthesia

Do you want surgery or treatment under anaesthetic for you or your child and need more information? Then please contact our dental specialists from KU64 – for example you can write us an e-mail or you can call us directly in our practice at Berlin’s Kudamm: 030 – 864 73 20

We and the acosthe aesthesia team AOZ BERLIN have been working closely together for over 10 years and are at your disposal for any questions.