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Amalgam removal

More beautiful white teeth, better aesthetic result due to amalgam removal … with the help of a color index, the desired color nuance is matched

The removal of stubborn discoloration by our prophylaxis assistants and dental hygienists is more than just an optical correction.



The health of our patients is particularly important to us. That’s why we offer you an amalgam removal under 3 times protection. This ensures optimal safety during amalgam discharge, as dust and vapours can no longer be inhaled.

We specialists at KU64 not only offer our patients special triple protection during treatment, but also provide for the subsequent complete detoxification. Signs of mercury deposits in the body can manifest themselves in tiredness, fatigue, general discomfort, tongue burning, metal taste in the mouth or reddened gums, unclear joint – and headaches. The highest mercury exposure occurs when laying and drilling out an amalgam filling. Especially when drilling out, the smallest amalgam particles can enter the oral cavity and be absorbed into the body via the mucous membranes. At the same time, toxic mercury vapours are released.

Amalgam removal works like this:

1. Suitcase dam: The tooth to be treated is isolated from the oral cavity and neighbouring teeth by a special clamping rubber.

2. Special suction cannula: A special plastic cap (clean-up system from Sweden) encloses the tooth and is connected to a powerful suction cup.

3. Oxygen: By means of an oxygen-nose probe, it is possible to supply you with additional oxygen during the drilling out of the amalgam.

Special drills and low speed provide additional protection. Once all amalgam fillings have been removed and the teeth are supplied with temporary fillings, amalgam restoration can still be supported.

Due to our holistic treatment approach, which looks at the whole person, we recommend ku64 to provide you with a specially designed detoxification (amalgam discharge), which can be carried out by our naturopath at Mrs. Petra Wettläufer. She focuses on the amalgam detoxification of the body and thus supports the concept of the practice KU64, which has been working absolutely amalgam-free since its inception.


While the amalgam was in your mouth, mercury was permanently released into the bloodstream in very small amounts of mercury via the mucous membranes and through the dentin canals. The half-life of mercury is about 30 years. This means that after 30 years, mercury present in the body is broken down to 50. The mercury is bound from the body by special complexing devices and excreted via the intestine within about 6 months. Once all this has been achieved, the teeth can definitely be supplied with new and permanent fillings made of plastic, ceramic or gold.

Our KU64 specialists will be happy to advise you on this and the optimal cooperation with the in-house dental laboratory SMILE DESIGN guarantees you the use of the best biocompatible materials at all times, so that we are sure that we can also help you with the presence of intolerances and allergies. At the same time, German precision work guarantees you the best quality and a product pass always gives you the security of being informed about the materials used. Even for smaller fillings, only biocompatible composite materials of the best quality are used.

Do you have any further questions? Then please contact our dental specialists for an individual consultation in our practice.

Our team of dentists is at your disposal for all questions and further information about treatments such as high-quality dental alternatives to mercury-containing amalgam fillings as well as their safe removal and costs of the respective treatments! For the benefit of our patients, we work closely with our naturopath Petra Wettläufer in this area. Our dentists are also happy to inform you about the entire spectrum of modern aesthetic dentistry (dental aesthetics, overall refurbishment, denture refurbishment, amalgam remediation).