Dental laboratory in-house

The most important SMILE DESIGN services at a glance:

  • Front and side tooth aesthetics
  • Veneers
  • Zirconia ceramicCAD-CAM
  • Press ceramics / ceramic inlays
  • Implant work
  • Implant prosthetics
  • Crown and bridge technology
  • Telescopic and sliding technology
  • Plastic prosthetics
  • Snoring rails
  • Cruncher protection rail

digital smile design

Want a charming smile? You want to see the result in a video before your dental treatment and take a small cosmetic “test drive” or try out your smile first? No problem! We can now realize this wish of our patients. With Digital Smile Design (DSD) we offer our patients a modern method of dental visualization – you will be thrilled!


In the case of major defects or chewing surface reconstructions in the posterior area, fully ceramic inlays (insert fillings) are used by your dentist.


With its many years of experience and regular intensive training, the KU64 team helps you to bright white teeth and a radiant smile.


More and more dental practices rely on mass production from Asian and Eastern European countries instead of quality for crowns, bridges and inlays. However, we, the dental specialists and dental technicians of KU64, have opted for a denture in case of tooth loss, which is based on individual, tailor-made high-tech production in our in-house dental laboratory SMILE DESIGN(ATTENTION: Entrance via Kurfürstendamm 65!) Based.


When it comes to dental health, we rely on precision. For this reason, only the use of intelligent CAD/CAM machines “Made in Germany” is possible in our company for the production of your new, beautiful teeth. Much more accurate than handcrafted products is working with this computer-aided process, which is used in dentistry for the restoration of individual teeth. CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) are used when implants or artificial tooth roots have to be made, for example, in the event of a tooth gap. With the help of this method of operation, it is possible to make veneers, onlays, inlays, crowns and crown scaffolds absolutely precisely fit. The dental technicians from KU64 then add the finishing touches to the products, so that you can get beautiful teeth. Bridge scaffolds of various sizes as well as implant superstructures can also be modelled on a computer-aided basis.

Even in the event of discoloration and tooth wear, we help you to a radiant smile at any time, always adapted to your individual situation. Even if you need a removable prosthesis, a seal or a fixed prosthesis, you should use our services with confidence. In our innovative dental laboratory, the 3D X-ray method ensures that results of prosthetic care can be developed virtually, which makes necessary operations less time-consuming for you and also significantly increases the prognosis for success.


Based on the latest technical developments, we, the dental specialists at KU64, can therefore also rely on all common materials for your dentures. Whether CEREC, titanium, gold, plastic or ceramic: manufactured in our in-house dental laboratory, you will receive your custom-made dentures, which will return your radiant smile permanently.

In contrast to dental laboratories abroad, our in-house high-tech dental laboratory Smile Designguarantees you:

  • that the dental technician/master comes to you at the treatment chair and takes a picture of your mouth area, tooth color and your wishes. Because you Dentures should be an individual order and not a dental mass-produced product!
  • that thanks to HIGH-tech machines from CAD/CAM, your new teeth are not only produced very precisely, but also faster than in any laboratory in the Far East – yet they remain affordable.
  • that your work will be carried out in German master quality exclusively under stereo microscope with over 20 years of experience in dental technology
  • that your dentures are manufactured according to functional dental guidelines and that after a thorough functional examination
  • that Smile Design & KU64 offer you quality and warranty periods of up to 10 years – far longer than required by law!

Other benefits of Smile Design:

  • Cost offer (KVA) on demand, free service
  • No rush surcharge
  • No costs for messengers
  • Free color tooth determination. Coloring immediately, for any dental work
  • Lightning-fast changes
  • Basically work by dental technicians under microscope at release prep limit, modeling and conclusion
  • Selected top dental technicians, master laboratory, trained staff,always the latest technical standard – no trainees (as in many other laboratories)
  • open every day!
  • Creation of KVA’s within one hour
  • Functional analysis, Dros rail therapy
  • Headlines, functional chair. Centrifugal biting, instrumental functional analysis in the articulator, evaluation of models
  • Advice on prosthetic planning
  • Aesthetic analysis for frontal tooth work
  • Maintaining the archive for patient models, planning models, integrated work and updating
  • Guided and renewed the folder “Photos for Dentists”,in which BEFORE/NACHHER – documentation for each individual dentist is recorded.

Patient information from specialist
Get an idea of our laboratory, our Master dental technician guide you through our laboratory rooms and will be happy to advise you personally! Today, please arrange your Date call 030-864 73 216. ATTENTION: Entrance via Kurfürstendamm 65!

Your Vera Lipske,
Master dental technician and managing director SMILE DESIGN DENTALLABOR GMBH

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