SOS braces braces broken?


Make an IMMEDIATE SOS appointment with us for re-attachment. In the meantime, you can try to solve the problem as follows:

In case of fixed multiband apparatus

a) Bracket or band is loose:

  • If the bracket or band (metal ring) has detached from the tooth and still hangs on the bow, leave everything as it is.
  • Once the band (metal ring) has detached from the tooth, try to clean the tooth with the toothbrush and push the tape back onto the tooth.
  • If a bracket/band has completely loosened and no longer connects to a sheet, try removing the part carefully. Please keep it and bring it to the next appointment with

b) Arc loosened or peeked

  • Try inserting the bow (for example, with tweezers) back into the bracket or tape. In case of friction, the disturbing area can be covered with a little wax.
  • We strongly advise against the use of side cutters or other tools in the oral cavity! Jumping wire ends could lead to soft tissue injuries.
  • You can try to gently bend or press the end of the bow, e.g. with your finger or a spoon handle. If this is not possible, protective wax can help, which you receive from the orthodontist. If you don’t have wax on hand, you can also temporarily cover the area with sugar-free chewing gum.
  • Make an SOS appointment with the orthodontist for repair!

c) In the case of a fixed apparatus in the area of the palate or in the area of the tongue, the

Once a band has loosened, try pushing the tape back onto the tooth and make an SOS appointment immediately! The apparatus should then no longer disturb.

In case of problems with the removable braces

  • If the device presses or interferes with the gums, make an SOS appointment with the orthodontist. Temporarily, smaller sharp edges on the plastic can be smoothed with the help of a nail file.
  • If the removable braces or a wire of the braces are broken, please arrange an SOS appointment with the orthodontist. If the device still fits and no pressure points are created by wearing it, please carry the equipment until the SOS appointment!

In case of problems with the Invisalign rail

Please inform your handler, he will help you immediately.

  • In the case of the loss of an invisalign®rail. Once you have started wearing the new invisalign® rail, then if possible, go back to your last invisalign® rail and carry it on. If you had already worn the invisalign® rail for a few days, then try to move on to your night invisalign® rail and carry it on as prescribed.
  • If your invisalign® rail is broken, make an immediate check date and try to carry your broken invisalign® rail. As a rule, this does not cause any problems.

Dr. Isabella Piekos, specialist dentist for orthodonticswill be happy to advise you!