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Healthy teeth into old age – that is what many people want. But teeth are also getting older: conscientious dental care and prophylaxis are necessary, but often not enough to maintain dental health in the long term. A complete dental refurbishment, e.g. in combination with dentures, offers you the opportunity to renew your teeth from the ground up and go into the best years with a beaming smile. Damaged teeth in the upper or lower jaw are replaced, for example, by dental implants – a treatment that pays off in the long term. The new beautiful teeth put the damaged teeth in the shade and you will enjoy a better quality of life in the future.

Veneers (ceramic veneers), dental implants, bridges, prostheses or high-quality inlays instead of harmful amalgam fillings as well as attractive all-ceramic crowns are an optimal denture that even the dentist can hardly distinguish from perfect teeth of his own. With a complete refurbishment, the dental specialist team at KU64 makes your teeth the most beautiful jewelry!



The experienced KU64 dentists take care that the complete dental remediation is as pleasant as possible: A complete renovation of the teeth under anesthesia or twilight sleep also offers patients who suffer from dental anxiety a suitable way to have treatments such as dental prostheses carried out. We would like to offer you the best possible care and a relaxed feel-good experience in our dental practice. At KU64, dentistry has also lost its terror for fear patients: whether remediation of your amalgam fillings (amalgam removal under 3 times protection), extensive dentures with dental implants or fully ceramic crowns – our patients do not have to be afraid of pain during and after treatment. Dentist anxiety does not stop you from dental restorations or other types of treatments!



If you want to have your teeth remade in a comprehensive dental refurbishment, make sure that your dentist uses magnifying glasses at least 4 times magnifying glass during the examination. However, this precision work is only useful if the same magnification is then carried out in the laboratory. The Smile Design dental laboratory meets the best practice standards: all success-critical work steps are carried out under a microscope. In this way, beautiful teeth systematically become a predictable pleasure. We offer you a professional dental treatment or dental refurbishment, which meets high quality standards thanks to state-of-the-art technology and of which you have something for a long time.

On one point, however, our patients are still the professionals: smile and look good!

In a personal conversation, we will be happy to answer all questions about dental prostheses, dental restoration and complete refurbishment. We provide you with all important information about the treatment, advise you on the procedure and the costs of a dental restoration, whereby the costs of course depend on the scope of the treatment. Contact us by phone, by e-mail or visit us personally in practice to make an appointment for advice!

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