Tooth gaps not only look ugly, but also carry numerous medical risks for patients. We offer comprehensive advice on all possible dental prostheses (fixed or removable) that you have in order to obtain optimal dentures and prevent these dangers. We carry out the diagnosis with a modern device in 3D X-ray. If you opt for a removable prosthesis or fixed dentures, we can guarantee you a fast treatment of the highest quality, as our practice operates our own dental laboratory in-house.

Our dentists can make gaps in the teeth disappear through high-quality dentures (such as bridges, crowns, implants, inlays, veneers, removable and fixed prostheses, etc.).


We, the dentists of Team KU64, offer our patients many different ways to give them a missing tooth. You can choose bridges or crowns made of metal ceramic, plastic or pure ceramic. Implants (artificial tooth roots) create a denture that you don’t need to take out and that makes you feel like you’ve got your own teeth back. If you suffer from discoloration in your teeth, we can remedy this with veneers (ceramic veneers). In addition, in our practice you will receive high-quality dentures made of gold, titanium or zirconium ceramics if you wish.

Tooth wear and erosion are also an issue that you can discuss with us, because cosmetic treatment is not only necessary if you lack a tooth. High-quality dentures are the solution: implants, inlays, veneers, bridges, crowns, removable and fixed prostheses.


Crowns are a denture that is particularly suitable for protecting already badly damaged teeth, which are already provided with large fillings (seals). The natural tooth crown is sanded cylindrically or slightly conical all around under the gum hem and thus prepared for the attachment of the artificial crown. With the use of an (artificial) dental crown, the patient’s natural tooth stock can be preserved.


If a tooth is already missing, it is not necessary to insert it into the toolbox of the implantology. Bridges are also frequently used. Only on the barely visible tooth surfaces, as well as in the area of the enamel, the teeth to be restored are gently treated by our dentists. With an adhesive bridge, whether front or cheek tooth, replacement for missing tooth stock can be created at any age. However, healthy teeth without fillings are a prerequisite for this type of denture.


are the optimal alternative when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. An implant is an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jaw. From the point of view of dentists, there is a strong case for using this method of treatment. The neighbouring teeth do not need to be sanded, for example, and no tooth decay can occur on such a tooth, which has been replaced by implantology. And best of all, high-quality implants can be preserved for as long as a natural tooth, provided a corresponding prophylaxis program is required.

Veneers (or ceramic bowls)

are not dentures in the sense. Veneers are wafer-thin veneers, which are custom-made by a specialist dental technician. In contrast to crown supply, the teeth are only slightly sanded for the veneers – an aesthetically first-class, substance-friendly supply that eliminates the need for a crown in the case of minor defects.


INLAYs, also called insert fillings or tooth blombes, are characterized by their robustness and durability. They are individually processed by dental technicians for each patient. KU64 offers INLAYs made of gold or ceramic.


A denture is a construction for the replacement of missing teeth. A prosthesis can be formed as a total prosthesis (if all teeth are missing) or as a partial prosthesis (if only a part of the teeth is missing). This type of dentures allows the restoration of chewing, aesthetics and sound formation, which would not be possible with a patchy denture.

There are removable and fixed solutions (e.g. on implants). Prostheses are manufactured in our dental laboratory (Smile Design Dental Laboratory, in the same house) and are in no way inferior to real teeth. One then speaks of the fixed third or the third teeth. We will be happy to inform you about all possibilities and their advantages.


Please make sure that there is no warranty obligation for dental prostheses from abroad!


We do everything we can to preserve your bite and eliminate unsightly spots using various modern methods for which we provide you with detailed information. Trust us and let our dentists and dental prostheses advise you in detail on possibilities and costs.

We would be happy to inform you about alternatives in your supply of high-quality dentures. If you place more emphasis on low-cost/inexpensive dentures than on high quality, you should consult another practice. Our dentures are worth its price – for this we give you the longest guarantees on the market, far longer than required by law!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us! Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and further information on dentures and costs! Make an appointment by phone on 030-8647320, make an appointment online HERE quickly and easily or simply ask by e-mail at infoku64.de– we will be happy to contact you

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