Beautiful white, healthy teeth and a great smile are a dream that can become a reality nowadays due to the variety of dental treatment options, such as our veneers (also known as veneers, ceramic shells, tooth attachment shells or facets) made of ceramic. Considerations on dental aesthetics are now being considered in many specialist areas of dentistry – so it is firmly integrated into the treatment system. Ceramic veneers combine both aesthetic desires and medical requirements for your teeth. Ceramics are used because it comes closest to the human tooth substance.

In particular, the methods of aesthetic dentistry are used for discoloration, slight tooth shape and tooth position corrections, the treatment of caries and fractures as well as in the renewal of old or defective restorations. Aesthetic dentistry includes minimally invasive therapies such as gentle whitening of teeth (bleaching), smallest plastic fillings, ceramic veneershells in the anterior tooth area (veneers) and ceramic inlays in the posterior tooth area. In addition, our dental technicians also produce classic dentures at the highest aesthetic level. In addition to (partial) crowns, bridges and implant constructions, this also applies to removable dentures.

Aesthetics and protection of the patient’s valuable dental material are paramount in all treatments with a veneer. When planning and carrying out the treatment, we pay equal attention to precision, optimum compatibility, functionality and durability of the dentures, as well as to the perfect interaction with the tooth and the surrounding gums. This will benefit your smile!


Detailed diagnostics and planning are required for the optimal implementation of veneers’ aesthetic treatment goal. Patients, dentists and dental technicians cooperate closely with each other during the treatment. In our practice, this process is additionally supported by low-radiation X-ray images, digital photographs and models of the initial situation, because the best treatment results can only be achieved if the situation can be “tested” in advance on models or even directly in the mouth.

Recently we also offer a new and fast method: Brite Veneers for wafer-thin hand-layered veneers!

Fulfill your dream of dental aesthetics with beautiful white, healthy teeth and a radiant smile with our veneers! We and our dental technicians are happy to advise you on veneers and all our other services.

Chewed or worn teeth, gaps in teeth, tooth misalignment or teeth that were too short? For everything there is a holistic solution from the dentists of KU64!

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