Tooth decay risk determination

Avoid tooth decay thanks to KU64’s professional tooth decay risk determination

Many people do not visit dentists until they have toothache or if they themselves discover black spots on their teeth! Most people do not know that there is the possibility of having a caries risk determination carried out as part of the precaution, thus saving their teeth from tooth decay and keeping them permanently healthy. The test is child’s play, absolutely painless, warns of tooth decay and goes fast.

How KU64’s risk determination works

Our dentists at KU64 simply take a saliva test from you. With the sample, our specialists can identify acid-producing bacteria and streptococcus mutans (lactobacilli) and give you an assessment of how vulnerable your teeth are to the infestation of harmful bacteria. You have an increased risk if you already have old or defective fillings in your mouth. You are also exposed to a high risk for harmful bacteria if you already have dental plaques, because they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

At KU64 we help you

If the tooth decay risk determination shows that you are at risk, we can give you the right help to avoid costly (and costly) procedures. So we are happy to give you some easy-to-implement oral hygiene and nutrition tips. If this is not enough, we also recommend the use of a tongue burst and an ultrasonic toothbrush to optimize your daily oral care. Both care products have shown very good results, especially in the removal of critical and stubborn dental pads. Make sure in good time and prevent the worst.

We at KU64 are happy to help you with our knowledge and, on request, also with our products.