One of our core competencies is the age-appropriate treatment of tooth decay in children. Especially in children who will live even longer with their teeth and should be trained in time for proper dental hygiene, the early detection of tooth decay damage is extremely important. This makes it all the more important that the child has positive associations with the visit to the dentist and does not think of unpleasant toothache when the word “dentist”. Our pediatric dentists at KU64 are particularly sensitive to the needs of their youngest patients.

For our team of dentists, the satisfaction of the child and his parents is paramount. With us you will also receive information about prevention as well as nutrition tips – in addition, the importance of a tongue brush is explained to the little ones.

Our team at the KU64 practice at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin-Charlottenburg works with first-class high-tech devices and treats them according to the latest scientific findings. From the modern ultrasonic toothbrush, to 3D X-rays, to effective laser treatments , we spare no expense and effort to get to the bottom of your dental problem and help you get a radiant smile!

Tooth decay damage is often underestimated or the sufferer does not perceive his diagnosis, as he does not yet feel any or only mild tooth ache. At KU64, we are aware of the dangers of caries and their consequences and act immediately. Therefore, even seemingly intact teeth are thoroughly checked in our country – only in this way can caries infestation be detected in good time, tooth decay removal carried out and severe consequences prevented in a timely manner. Depending on the size of the tooth defect, the appropriate seal or filling is chosen. In the end, you will also receive tips on the prophylaxis of further caries infestation.

However, good precautions are better than the elimination of tooth decay thanks to professional dental cleaning and fissure sealing. Fissures are small crevices, furrows or incisions in the chewing surfaces of the cheek teeth. In these grooves, which are up to 1 mm deep and 0.05 mm narrow, food residues and bacteria are preferably collected, which are difficult to remove even with excellent oral hygiene. Especially in the posterior area of the mouth, adequate cleaning of the teeth is almost impossible and the risk of tooth decay is above average. In order to avoid lasting damage to the permanent teeth due to tooth decay, we recommend a simple but effective precaution for you and your family – the fissure sealing.