Among the special features of the KU64 team of pediatric dentists are children’s hypnosis, small magics, the treatment with nitrous oxide – so that the little ones and the big ones simply come to our dental practice super-gern!

More than 100 years ago, nitrous oxide was used to create a method that is ideally suited for the treatment of anxiety patients. In a low concentration, which can not exceed 50 or 70 percent due to today’s technology, the nitrous oxide is not only odourless, but also completely harmless to the patient.

For which patients is nitrous oxide suitable?

Treatment with nitrous oxide is suitable for patients with dental phobia or dental anxiety and in tense patients. In addition, the treatment under nitrous oxide is an ideal solution for children to perform a relaxed treatment. Advantages of nitrous oxide treatment are that an existing strangler irritation is greatly reduced or completely eliminated and also the sensation of pain is significantly reduced.

The use of nitrous oxide

The nitrous oxide oxygen mixture is administered to you via a nasal mask, whereby the proportion of nitrous oxide is gradually increased. In this way, you slide into a twilight state without losing consciousness. There will be a pleasant feeling of relaxation and after the end of treatment the twilight state will slowly disappear after the increase in the oxygen content to 100 percent. Nitrous oxide should not be used if your nasal breathing is impaired or you suffer from a disease that is associated with shortness of breath.

Are there any risks associated with treatment with nitrous oxide?

Since we, the dental specialists of KU64, use only modern high-tech devices and are excellently trained in the treatment with nitrous oxide, sedation with nitrous oxide is the safest form of soothing. So far, no side effects or risks are known, especially since you remain conscious and all reflexes are present. So if you have been diagnosed with dental anxiety, the nitrous oxide treatment is ideally suited and also risk-free.

Do you have any questions about nitrous oxide treatment? Then please contact our (children)dental specialists for an individual consultation.