Invisalign® Treatment


At the dental practice KU64, our orthodontists offer the crystal clear and almost invisible braces of INVISALIGN®, which guarantee a high subjective wearing comfort compared to conventional braces. Our specialist dentists for orthodontics enrich the spectrum of the practice KU64 with this innovative method from the USA and are at your side with comprehensive information and individual advice. Invisalign’s invisible rails offer you the opportunity to put an attractive smile on your face without enduring the stigma of a braces!


  • almost invisible appearance
  • removable, e.g. before important appointments
  • simple hygiene – thanks to the flexibility and the absence of metal wires, the teeth can be cleaned regularly with Invisalign® and cleaned with floss
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • overlapping teeth can be corrected without wearing brackets and wires – even with minor tooth misalignments
    Suitable for both teenagers and adults
  • Smile whenever and as much as you want



Similar to a treatment with conventional braces, in our practice we also take photos, X-rays and impressiones of the dental apparatus when deciding on the invisible solution of Invisalign and draw up a treatment plan. This data is then sent to the manufacturer of Invisalign braces, Align Technology, where it is converted into a 3D digital representation. This enables our orthodontists to simulate the complete treatment in a 3D simulation, with the help of which the planned results can be visualized individually. In other words, With Invisalign® technology, your smile can also become a “designer smile”!


After your treatment process has been virtually defined together with you in our practice, you can see the movement of your dental apparatus in a 3D animation. A series of so-called invisible/transparent “aligners” (engl.: “to align” – “align”, “odnen”) is then tailor-made for you on the basis of the data obtained. The aligners of each Invisalign are made of lightweight plastic material – for upper and lower jaws separately – and sit exactly on your teeth. The Invisalign rails are worn for at least two weeks and then replaced with new ones, with the aligners slightly different from the previous ones – so Invisalign gently moves your teeth into the desired position: you will be proud of the results and the new smile!

The length of treatment with invisalign’s invisible/transparent braces, which determine the treating dentists and orthodontists at the beginning of treatment, varies in length and cost depending on the degree of difficulty of the specific case. As a rule, treatment with Invisalign lasts 6-18 months.

Wearing time: 22 hours a day. The Invisalign should only be removed during eating and tooth cleaning. Approximately every 2 to 3 weeks there is a new aligner (per jaw) until the treatment goal is reached. Afterwards, as well as after treatment with a fixed braces, we recommend a braces (retainer) in order to maintain the result achieved by the use of Invisalign permanently.
The invisible/transparent Invisalign® is also suitable for young people from 11 years of age who no longer have milk teeth. However, there may still be teeth in the breakthrough, this is incorporated accordingly into the aligner. Invisalign® also provides particularly good results for relying, partial orthodontic treatments and for tightness resolutions in which not all teeth need to be fitted with a fixed braces.

Acclimatization: It is only a few days, after which Invisalign is usually tolerated well. For adolescents (adapted treatment: Invisalign Teen®) there is a color coding that indicates whether the aligner has been worn the required hours/days.

The dental practice KU64 is an official Invisalign provider and has been awarded PLATINUM status for frequent use of the Invisalign method. We are happy to explain how Invisalign® works! Contact us if you have any questions about Invisalign treatment; our orthodontists/orthodontists will be happy to help you with questions that are not answered in the Invisalign FAQ!

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