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Eight children’s dentists ensure healthy teeth in Kids & Teens


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The KU64 world of holistic pediatrics and adolescent dentistry offers plenty of space for play, fun and a relaxed appointment with the pediatric dentist. The little ones can stay with us, because we have created a complete and very futuristic and playful floor for them.

Ku64 dentists, who are adapted to children’s needs, welcome young and old in a colourful children’s play paradise with children’s cinema, Playstation and X-Box, caries cave, over-the-top Jenga game, aquarium & formicarium, great books, painting station and much more. The visit to the dentist is fun from the very first date!


The first visit to the pediatric dentist ideally takes place with the breakthrough of the first tooth. Milk teeth and permanent youthful teeth require particularly sensitive treatment. We treat infants, children and adolescents up to 18 years of age and expectant mothers. Children are born with a healthy oral cavity and we want to preserve them together with the parents.


Our team of pediatric dentists advises you not only from a dental point of view – our children’s patients also experience us as committed and caring confidants. After the initial consultation in our practice, which serves, among other things, to get to know each other, and a thorough examination, an individual treatment and prophylaxis plan is drawn up. When examining tooth substance, tooth position, gums, oral mucosa and denture development, our dentists always keep an eye on the fact that this mouth belongs to a young personality. Of course, the dentists explain their procedure in detail at every stage of the treatment and are happy to answer your questions at any time.


  • Fissure sealing
  • Tooth decay in children
  • Pediatric orthodontics
  • Child prophylaxis
  • Therapeutic magic
  • General anaesthetic


In Berlin’s largest pediatric dental practice, your children are taught the right toothbrushing technique in an impressive and child-friendly way – so that tooth decay does not arise in the first place. But also in the treatment room the appearance of fear is actively counteracted: the treating dentists delight our YoungStars with music, stories, talking hand puppets and small magics, and whoever wants, can watch a movie during the treatment.

A delicious pre-stunning soothing juice and children’s hypnosis are further ways to make your child’s visit to the dentist as pleasant and painless as possible while avoiding general anesthesia.


We also make no secret of our twenty years of dental experience and our team of specialists in the fields of prophylaxis and orthodontics. On the contrary – with us, even the youngest learn how to optimally care for their teeth.

Young children have to get used to the dentist first. The dentists for children in our practice therefore know exactly how to deal with them in order to create trust. The KU64 YoungStars doctoral school awakens the child’s awareness of dental health. In our practice they learn not only to brush their teeth, but also to “feel dangers”, they experience “sun and wind”, are allowed to “show teeth”, feel “tooth gloss” and have fun with the “mouth washing machine”. Then there are funny stamps on your own testimony – the dental treatment can begin.

Through this pedagogical approach, our pediatric dentists teach the child early and emphatically how important the health of the teeth is.

  • individual and painless caries risk check according to the latest dental findings (laser caries diagnostics, saliva test, etc.)
  • regular professional tooth cleaning – also cares for the areas that the best toothbrush does not reach, incl. Polishfar beyond the standard benefit of statutory health insurance funds
  • Removal of discoloration and pigment deposits
  • Fissure sealing also of premolars and milk teeth
  • temporary fissure sealing
  • frequently repeated melt hardening through targeted deep fluoridation far beyond the standard performance of statutory health insurance funds
  • special treatments against bad breath
  • Toothbrush check – recommendation of the right toothbrush for the respective age
  • SMS reminder one day before each appointment
  • free toothbrush products and sugar-free sweets
  • KU64 tooth certificate with the prophylaxis fairy seal


Another special feature of our pediatric dental team: The complete team has been trained in the THERAPEUTIC ZAUBERN – a combination of magic and hypnotherapy – by expert Annalisa Neumeyer. Our pediatric dentists and their assistants master many great magic tricks to give children and families a relaxed experience and an entertaining stay at KU64!


The design of the pediatric dental practice comes from renowned GRAFT architects: The floor (4th floor) for our small patients fits seamlessly into the design of the dental practice KU64. With the opening in January 2010, we offer the children a very special visit to the pediatric dentist.

We are also particularly proud of the recognition of the pediatric dental practice as an outstanding health building by the Federation of German Architects in 2013. Click here for the press release of the AKG in the BDA on the award of outstanding health buildings 2013


  • Pediatric dentist Dr. Birte Habedank (née Berding)
  • Paediatric dentist Inke Supantia
  • Pediatric dentist Wiebke Lange
  • Paediatric dentist Frederike Brüning
  • Pediatric dentist Juliane Reichmuth
  • Pediatric dentist Erny Grundmann
  • Pediatric dentist Dr. Alexandra Wolf
  • Pediatric dentist Dr. Anne Enssle

At KU64, our children’s prophylaxis assistants ensure a clean bite for kids and teens:

  • Nicole Lindenau
  • Cigdem Korur
  • Alexandra Trosin
  • Stefanie Andrä

And since this question is often asked: we do not have the ambition to be the cheapest. Come to us if it’s going to be good! If this is not in the foreground, we will be happy to help you find the cheapest dental practice in Berlin. We would like to convince you with specialist quality and inspire you with our completely-care-free service 7 days a week!

Entrance to the pediatric dentist of KU64 (pediatrics and adolescent dentistry) via Kurfürstendamm 64 (4th floor), 10707 Berlin, phone 030 – 864 73 20, e-mail: infoku64.de, www.ku64.de