Prophylaxis 4.0 Berlin


Prophylaxis to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Our goal is also yours: Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.
KU64 has more than 25 years of experience in the field of prophylaxis. In the summer of 2017, we have added the groundbreaking, innovative, prophylaxis system “Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)” as one of the first practices in Germany. The advanced prophylaxis treatment offers more protection in the oral cavity.

With prophylaxis (professional tooth cleaning) you actively prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation (periodontitis) and can easily achieve this goal – because prevention is the best protection! The team of specialists in our practice at Berlin’s Kudamm draws on 25 years of experience. The experience benefits all our patients. The use of magnifying glasses is just as standard as continuous further training, so that our prophylaxis assistants and dental hygienists always work according to the most scientifically up-to-date standards.

Tooth decay and periodontitis (inflammation of the gums and tooth-holding apparatus) are infectious diseases that can lead to tooth loss. According to scientific research, these are not hereditary, but a consequence of inadequate prevention. The germs need a certain amount of food and a certain amount of time to cause damage to teeth and gums. Through various tests, we can determine your individual risk of tooth decay and periodontitis and protect you from it by means of targeted measures.

Your benefits and benefits from KU64 prophylaxis:

1. it is gentle, pleasant and thorough and does not hurt
2. Protects against tooth decay and periodontitis
3. WITH THE GBT technology and the staining method of EMS, precise work is done and not scratched unnecessarily with sharp instruments
4. the dentist can carry out the control more precisely and faster, because no tartar or pads block his vision
5. Dentures (fillings, crowns, inlays and also veneers) last longer for a good, fresh feeling in the mouth
6. eliminates very effective bad breath, which comes to 90 of bacteria from the oral cavity
7. Reduces the risk of heart and brain infarct, premature births, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and gastrointestinal diseases by reducing bacteria in gum pockets.
8. Facilitates home oral hygiene by removing the sticky base layer (plaque)
9. Makes the teeth brighter again by thoroughly removing all discoloration of smoking, tea, red wine, beetroot etc.
10. eliminates bleeding gums
11. Prevents bacterial gum inflammation and periodontitis
12. Increases protection against acids and makes tooth necks less sensitive (due to deep fluoridation and melt hardening)
13. Leads to an average caries reduction of 80 to 90 and saves you tooth fillings and loss
14. Provides long-lasting fillings and crowns through the polishes
15. Increases the fun of kissing!

Prophylaxis saves you expensive dentures and keep your own teeth into old age!

Here’s how your prophylaxis works:

Professional cleaning, the most important part of prophylaxis, is in the hands of our experienced and highly qualified prophylaxis specialists, all of whom work with magnifying glasses for greater precision and visibility.

It includes:

  • the removal of pathogens with special polishing instruments plus tongue cleaning
  • the remineralization of incipient defects,
  • a special impregnation to reduce the acid solubility of the tooth enamel,
  • valuable tips for optimizing your home oral hygiene – you get the right aids right away with,
  • easily implementable dietary advice if necessary, which is not only good for tooth decay. Depending on the individual risk, it is sufficient to carry out this cleaning 1-4 times a year to ensure maximum benefit.

Our brand new prophylaxis concept has been extended by a few points and includes:

“Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)” concept

• the staining of the teeth and gums is stained with the agent called “total mouth desinfection”. This is done so that our highly effective therapy can be used in a targeted manner, according to the motto: “the enemy – i.e. bacteria and pads – is first unmasked and made visible.” Side effect: we show you where you have cleaned optimally and where not, so that you can improve your oral hygiene

• Gum and tongue cleaning with Erythritol Plus powder from EMS (renowned quality brand in dentistry from Switzerland). The water is heated for the first time with this airflow device in such a way that you can feel it

• Gum bag cleaning and tartar removal with EMS’ new Piezon No Pain ultrasound with fine PS approaches

• We then jointly agree on a new recall date so that we can ensure a long-term improvement of your oral hygiene

By the way:
As one of the first dental practices in Berlin, KU64 now offers the perioSafe quick test so that we can detect undetected periodontal inflammation before tissue degradation in the tooth-holding apparatus and possibly tooth loss occurs.

How much does professional dental cleaning cost me as a prophylaxis?

For your professional tooth cleaning, our prophylaxis specialists or our dental hygienists usually take one hour if the indication is appropriate. With a first prophylaxis even 90 minutes. The prophylaxis costs between 150 and 200 euros for private insured persons – this also applies to some additional dental insured persons. Reimbursement of saliva tests and germ regulations, which are considered to be newer services, is handled inconsistently. For legally insured persons we offer this prophylaxis for between 100 to 140  euros per treatment hour and depending on the effort.

To make an appointment or information, please contact us and contact our reception, send us an e-mail or call directly in practice on 030 – 864 73 20 – from Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week! We are happy to advise you!